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Riverside Car Accidents

The majority of people who drive regularly will be in a car accident of some kind during their lives. Car accidents are a common occurrence throughout the U.S., particularly in large cities with many drivers and a great deal of traffic. Riverside is one of these places. In 2008, 2,397 people were injured and 21 lost their lives in Riverside car accidents, whether these involved motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists or typical car vs. car accidents. These statistics were provided by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and therefore only include those collisions that were actually reported. There were a total of 3,991 auto accidents in Riverside in 2008, with 2,354 causing property damage alone, 1,618 causing injury and 19 causing death.

In looking over the statistics regarding Riverside car accidents, we can see that thousands of lives would have been different if these accidents had not occurred. When you consider that the majority of car accidents are preventable and caused by driver negligence or error, these statistics are even more saddening.

Getting Money for Your Car Accident Claim

At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients throughout Riverside and are committed to helping victims of car accidents recover the money they need for medical care and all other damages caused by the accident. To do this, we help our clients with their insurance claims, negotiate with the insurance company as needed and take their cases to civil court if this is needed to seek a fair outcome. A Riverside car accident lawyer at our law firm can help with whatever type of car accident you or a loved one has been involved in, such as a car vs. motorcycle accident, car vs. truck accident, head-on collision or rear-end accident. We also take on cases that involve pedestrians or bicyclists.

For a free review of your case by a skilled professional, contact a Riverside car accident attorney at our law firm today.

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