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Side Collisions

Attorney for Side Collision Accidents in Riverside

Car accidents are unfortunately part of our life here in Riverside. With some of the deadliest highways in the nation and stellar average daily traffic counts the only wonder is that we don't suffer from more collisions than we do. The congestion and volume of trips in cars along with the heavy truck and transport through the Riverside area is responsible for hundreds of annual fatalities and thousands of car accident related injuries. The consequences can be severe for anyone involved. Most serious accidents can result in medical bills that can cost more than a home. Cars are totaled leaving not only the problem of replacement but often the loan on the car exceeds the insurance coverage. Should one be fortunate enough to avoid any permanent physical damage there is still the issue of lost income during recovery and potentially over a longer period of time should one need to change professions or lose a job due to absence. These are all consequences of an incident that can take mere seconds yet seem like an eternity. While immediately afterwards your time and attention should be on your medical needs or the support of a loved one it is still important to seek the assistance of a Riverside car accident attorney as soon as possible. There are timely factors to attend to in order to improve your odds for adequate compensation.

Injuries associated with Side Collisions

Side collisions normally occur from two situations. The most common by far is the vehicle that has missed a stop sign, run a red light or "pushed" a left turn. The other is less common but would be the secondary effect of another collision. As a car impacts off another vehicle or object the force can cause a rebound into side traffic. This generally will not have as much force as the first instance due to an earlier dissipation of energy in the primary impact. Our experience at the Pacific Attorney Group has shown us that regardless of how the side collision occurred it can have very severe consequences for those involved.

Part of the problem with such collisions is that most vehicles do not offer as much protection for side impacts as they do for a rear-end collision or a head-on impact. The front and rear of a vehicle have many built in "crush zones" to absorb the energy of a collision. The engine block is designed to sink under the passenger cage and with the combination of frontal air bags plus seat belts this is a relatively safer type of collision. Side panels of cars do offer protection but it would be very impractical to build doors with the same level of impact protection as the front of a car.

The injuries are also aggravated by the savage side-to-side motion which can severely injure the neck, spine and torso. These types of injuries can paralyze a body and take months, if not years for a recovery.

If this has occurred to you or a loved one then compensation could be available. The best thing to do after medical needs have been attended to is to contact a Riverside Side Collision Attorney for a meeting and consultation.

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